Brew Review: Tiny Rebel’s Cwtch

You know that awkward interview question which asks what your hobbies & interests are outside of work & you suddenly realize you don’t have any respectable hobbies to share?

giphy (7)

If I had to be totally honest, my inappropriate hobby would be “day drinking outside on a sunny day”. When it’s sunny & even semi-warm, you can find me with a beer in hand at my nearest beer garden.

Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess), I live in London so sunny & warm days are few & far between, giving me time to do more respectable things like my job & working out.

giphy (8)

I’m not happy about it though…

But with spring emerging, we happened to have a particularly lovely, sunny day here in London this past weekend – so I decided to skip on down to my favorite local pub to celebrate in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon.

It was there that I discovered this week’s brew to review: Tiny Rebel Brewery’s Cwtch beer. I have to admit, the number one reason I chose it was the fun design it had – definitely something you don’t see often when it comes to beer marketing. Plus it claimed to be voted “Champion Beer of Britain 2015”, so I figured I’d give it a go.

image2 (1)

Well, let’s just say this…

Maybe it was because I was participating in my favorite hobby. Or maybe it was due to the fact it was the first sunny, “warm” day of the year. Or maybe this beer is just all it’s cracked up to be but needless to say – wow – I am in love with this beer.

giphy (10)

Described as an “untraditional Welsh Red Ale”, this brew is dominated by citrus and tropical fruit flavors that are balanced with caramel malts and has a moderate bitterness.

While it is slightly more bitter than my typical beers, it’s still quite smooth. It isn’t too light that you drink it quickly, not appreciating the flavor, but it also isn’t too harsh where each sip is a struggle. I got to enjoy the beer casually, while also appreciating each sip.

image1 (2)

Cwtch is definitely a winner and a great beer to try if you are like me, and looking for a beer that is the next step up from your usual pale ale. I’m slightly obsessed with it.


  • Name: Cwtch
  • Description: Untraditional Welsh Red Ale. Red colour & American hops.
  • Brewery: Tiny Rebel
  • ABV: 4.6%


Learn more about Tiny Rebel’s Cwtch beer here



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