Brew Review: Siren Craft Brew’s Chocolate Caribbean Cake

In case you weren’t aware, it was Easter this past Sunday. You may have missed it if you’re like me and spent the majority of the week in a sugar-induced coma from chocolate egg overdose.

giphy (4)

In actuality, while I’m all for chocolate, I personally am not a big Easter person. I’ve lived away from my family for about five years now, so without my parents giving me Easter baskets from the mysterious “Easter Bunny”, Easter tends to pass without any real notice from me.

However, having just started this blog, I thought Easter could be a great opportunity for me to “hop” (see what I did there?) onto a new craft beer I’ve never tried before: a chocolate stout!

After discussing my options with my local craft brew brethren, I decided on the deliciously named Caribbean Chocolate Cake brew by Siren Craft Brew.


Now, before I get into specifics about my experience with this beer, I must reiterate two things:

  1. I am not, nor do I pretend to be, a beer expert.
  2. Prior to starting this blog experiment, I have not ventured far away from my beloved pale ales.

By trying this dark, chocolate-flavored beer I am definitely stepping out of my taste bud’s box. But one of my goals with this blog is to become less afraid of dark beers and to hopefully even find a few I enjoy.

But with a name like Caribbean Chocolate Cake I figured, how bad could it possibly be? Even the label boasted an impressive roster of flavors including orange, dark chocolate and even coffee. Trying this beer was going to be like a walk in Willy Wonka’s park…

giphy (5)

Come Sunday, I decided it was an appropriate time to crack open the bottle and give this chocolate stout a try as my Easter treat.

Upon pouring the beer into a glass, I was immediately terrified by how extremely dark it was. But at the same time, I grew smug at the thought of how cool I was going to look drinking such a dark beer. So much so, I even waved it in front of my husband’s face to show him how cool I was with my sophisticated beer drinking abilities.

image1 (1)

Look how dark! I’m still impressed

He didn’t quite share the same enthusiasm as me, unfortunately.

giphy (6)

The first sip was – not surprisingly – quite bitter. Of course, this was to be expected with a combination of dark cacao and coffee flavors so it didn’t deter me. What was surprising was just how chocolaty it did taste. I was expecting maybe a hint of chocolate, and then a strong beer flavor, but it was more chocolate than beer I was tasting.

With each sip, the beer became better and better. It wasn’t as harsh of a drink that I was expecting, thanks to the strong taste of chocolate; making it a truly unique experience to drink.


Conclusion: Overall, I’m glad I ventured out of my beer comfort-zone with such a dark beer and different flavors. But with that said, I don’t think I would choose this beer again.

While the beer was delicious, I’m not a huge chocolate or coffee flavor fan, so with a brew where both flavors were both so pronounced, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. (I do take full responsibility of this fact since the beer clearly states that both flavors are main factors in this beer – directly on the front of the label.)

But if you’re looking for something slightly bitter, with a rich, chocolate flavor – this is definitely the brew for you!

Beer Info

  • Name: Caribbean Chocolate Cake
  • Description: Tropical Stout with Cacao Nibs, Cypress Wood & Lactose
  • Brewery: Siren Craft Brew
  • ABV: 7.4%

My Overall Rating: 2/5

Learn more about or buy Siren Craft Brew’s Caribbean Chocolate Cake here.


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